An industrial designer with an interest in craftwork develop his design practice with the phrase “to postpone the lost of traditional values” being the sauces of his inspiration. With a focus on the incorporation of Local wisdom into contemporary industrial design, Teeropas aims to perpetuate the values of traditional knowledge and creation. Believe that handicraft is Valuing World Heritage and not to be obtain by one group of people. Teerapoj contribute to the Diversify of Identity, Cultural, and Artistic Resemblance. Fusing the heart of craftsmanship to create set of newly design to relay the Borderless Cultural Heritage which can be appreciate by anyone.


industrial craft designer

1989             born in Bangkok, THAILAND

2008-2013    B.Arch. in Industrial Design, KMUTT

                     Bangkok, THAILAND

2013             Artist Assistance, Setouchi Trienale 2013, Japan

                     Teacher Assistance and Product Designer, FAIFA

2015              Finalist of Innovative Craft Award by SACICT

2014-2016    Designer, AYODHYA TRADE(93)

2014-2016    Design team  for T-Style Isaan Object Project, DITP,                                                  exhibited at Paris / Bangkok

2016             Designer / Co-founder, ISSARAPHAP

2017          Emerging Designer Award 2017 in furniture design,

                selected by Designer of the Year Awards. Thailand


                Design Volunteer at SPEDAGI sustainable

                     movement, Indonesia

                     Designer in Residency, CULTURE VALTURES, Morroco

2018             Lecturer for Industrial Design Department, KMUTT