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     The feeling of owning an object  is  obtained  from  the  relationship between the owner and the particular object. Regardless of  how  the  person has become  the  owner  of  the  object  given  or created by oneself.


      Ownership brings the feeling of belonging. It also leads  to  showing  signs  which  indicate  status , reflect individuality and reveal the context of  use. This makes the object unique in it self. This  time,we narrate the relationship between the craftsmen from  furniture  actories  and  their  workspaces ;  how  they  reflect  the context - of - use, materials  and virtuosity.


        The  craftsmen  and  the workspace are  the  crucial  components in  the creation  and  delivery of exceptional products  to the  market. There are numbers  of  times  in  which  some  details  on specificproducts are developed by these craftsmen. Without them, creations from designers would not be  completed. Through  the 50 seats exhibited in 

this  exhibition ,  we  would  like  to  introduce the expertise, importance of the ‘designers’ who have never defined themselves as ‘designers’.


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​​​​TCDC, Bangkok Design Wee k2019

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