T-Style or thai style under the concept of isaan object was then born. Spearheaded by the institute of design and innovation promotion, department of international trade promotion, ministry of commerce, the northeastern part of thailand or “isaan” is the area glorified by its ancient civilization, especially ban chiang culture. Furthermore,the people of isaan have preserved and celebrated their local wisdom and innovation. With such ability, these people are able to develop their culture into lifestyle products as well as fashion items and ornaments for international market. There is an extensive collaboration between the authorities, designers, and villagers and, by exchanging wisdom, knowledge,and outlooks, new techniques that harmonize with the designs along with increasing the value and function of the products themselves were born. They are later expanded into the global creative innovation while maintaining the genuine thai-ness.



reed, terracotta, bamboo,cotton​, silk,rattan


Ayodhya Trade (93)

support by DITP

designe by

M.L.Pawinee Santisiri

Teerapoj Teeropas

produce by

Korat Saengsuwan Pottery Limited Partnership,

Nakhon Ratchasima Province


Nong Bua Daeng Hand-woven CottonGroup, 

Chaiyaphum Province


Ko Noi Kok Fiber Products SMCE Network Group, 

Buriram Province


Rattan and water hyacinth furniture group, 

Maha Sarakham Province


Sri Than Women's Development Group, 

Yasothon Province


Sticky Rice Container Maker Group, 

Roi Et Province


Tie-dyed Kok Mat Group,

Ban Na Lo, Khon Kaen Province


Natural-dye Ikat Silk SMCE,

Khon Kaen Province


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