This chair is a reflection of myself to current mass produce rounded armchair. The chair itself is a good statement of over consumption that floats all over in this country. Therefore, I create this chair under the consideration of how to create sustainability for the furniture manufacturing in local area. The chair was design with three simple criteria. First is to create as less waste as possible. Secondly is to use the renewable material that can find in local area. Lastly, to keep the production processes the same as previous chair as much as possible.


I came up with the result of a chair that made all of bamboo, all the structure were establish from straight line to make it easy for mass production.

By carving wood in a curvy outline, this chair was manipulated the arm manufacturing processes from the current rounded armchair. However, the outcome is different. The repeating processes were not made as much waste, yet it created twin arms that make from a single piece of bamboo section.  


I wanted this chair to be a guideline to create sustainable in local furniture industry. And hopefully it can make the local look back to value of there own natural wealth. Therefore, I name this chair “KLAIR” after the simplest bamboo furniture to encourage that everyone can make this possible.



685 x 720 x 700 mm







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