Years ago, Teerapoj Teeropas mentors in Thailand saw in his designs a similarity to the colours and shapes appearing in traditional Moroccan crafts. These impressions held a role in instigating his recent journey to Northern Africa.

Integrating quietly into the familiarity of the medina (these streets reminding him of home in Bangkok), the patterns of shadows, the light and the darkness triggered his eyes to the detailed stucco carvings. These dynamic carvings done from the artisan’s innate muscle memory drew Teerapoj to Fes, where he has been working  with two skilled brothers, Abid and Hafid. The scale of this new work is intentionally small and subtle, imprinting generations of wisdom and bridging thousands of miles of cultural divide.

Mindfulness to the physical absence of history and the decaying architectural details in the medina are at the core of this piece. His research, unrestricted and fluid, was noted in derelict riads and pathway formations in the old town. Collected designs of the lost and forgotten were chiseled into the plaster structure directly on the street amongst wide-eyed children and the passerby thus being guided by the immediate environment and all its past resonances.

text by

Nissa Nishikawa


hand carve plaster


Abid and Hafid, Plaster Malam, Fes, Morocco


250 x 900 x 50 mm