The core concept is how can we increase intensity of interaction between user and producer to craft object. Ngarm (งาม)’s product set is playing between user haptic senses and the uniqueness of sedge property. The concept creates an interactive craft object, which will evoke user memory. By using the natural sense of material. When user interacts with product, it will create a transition of emotion. Which will provide sense of relaxation and sense of escape to user.


On the other hand, the products set also speak back to the producer. Inspiring from “sea” which link to their geographical. The producer will sense of the relationship between themselves and product. Combine with the increasing of high craft skill. The product will create differentiation from others; these will give their pride as an artisan.


Chuntaboon's reed, rattan



produce by 

Bang Chao Cha artisan, Angthong

Samet Ngarm artisan, Chuntaburi